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What is the reason for the high load of the special motor for the fan?
添加時間:2017-12-07 16:55:14 來源:金華市鑫正機電有限公司 點擊量:

Our company is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of special motor products for fans. When we use fan motors, we will encounter heavy loads on motors. What are the factors that cause the overload of motors? I believe a lot of users are more concerned, and then we will explain it to you by our professionals, and I believe it will help you to understand the product.

1. Because of the poor working conditions of the special motor of the fan, it is formed. If the ventilation is bad, the ambient temperature is too high, the motor machinery has some faults and other factors caused by the motor overheating, the level of insulation decline, and even short circuit.

2. The special motor of the fan is formed by the mechanical equipment which is dragged. Such as irrigation and irrigation machinery water road blockage, the shaft is not concentric and so on, the formation of motor load is too large, or even block.

3, the other is the power supply quality not good, such as special motor current fan form low voltage unbalance factor increase.