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What is the effect of the cooling medium of the motor?
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On the electrical products you have to understand how many years, we always uphold the "quality first, reputation based" business purposes, in order to help you to a more comprehensive understanding of our products, followed by our professional staff will explain to you for motor cooling medium, I believe you have to understand the product help.

Air and hydrogen are used in the gas cooling medium used in the motor. The hydrogen density is small (about air 1/10), can decrease ventilation conflict loss, improved motor power, and heat capacity, can significantly improve the cooling effect of large turbogenerator so strengthening cooling technique in demand (the capacity of more than 5MW) can be widely used. Generally speaking, from air cooling to hydrogen cooling, the temperature rise of the rotor winding of the turbogenerator will be reduced by half, and the motor capacity will be improved by about 1/4. The effect is very obvious. However, the cost of the use of hydrogen cooling is very high, and also to prevent leakage, explosion-proof and other guarantees, so the majority of the motor is still the first choice of air cooling.

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